How To Play


Realm is a World-Building GameFi experience that rewards you for the activity you perform. The three main paths you can take are:
You can choose to be one or all of these. These are just the initial paths but we think once Realmers start playing, new paths will emerge based on supply/demand dynamics.

Video Tutorials

We have a YouTube channel with Tutorials that explain what Realm is and how to play.

The Economy

The economy is driven by the activity performed by Realmers and Adventurers. There are two driving factors:
  • Realmers aiming for higher $MAGIC Rewards
  • Adventurers looking for activities to perform in order to level up and gain rewards

Demand for Collectibles

Realmers will need Collectibles to build Cities and other structures. The more they build, the better their metrics which lead to higher rewards. This demand will fuel demand for Collectibles.
A market is created where demand will depend on the rewards achieved based on building.

Demand for Activities

Adventurers need activities in order to level up and gain rewards. Realmers provide these activity by building Structures that provide those Activities.
Realmers will have control over thresholds on XP, Win Rates and Loot Drops. They will have to gauge what the Adventurer market wants and adjust accordingly. See Arenas for more details.

Demand for Native Token

We will be introducing a Native Token later this year that will play a key role in the ecosystem.


The following are the three main paths you can initially take. You can take one or all depending on what you want to achieve.

Builders Guild

TL;DR Increase your Metrics every month to earn higher $MAGIC Rewards.
As a builder, you are focused your Realm's Metrics. You are focused on climbing the Ranks to get the highest possible $MAGIC rewards for a given month.

How to start

  1. 1.
    Buy one from the Trove marketplace
  2. 2.
    Stake MAGIC Refinery into the Realm you want to be eligible for $MAGIC Rewards
  3. 3.
    Build Cities to increase your Metrics using the Prime Collectible

Collectible Producer

TL;DR Produce Collectibles and earn $MAGIC by selling them
As a producer, you are focused on producing Collectibles to provide them to other Realmers.

How to start

  1. 1.
    Buy one from the Trove marketplace
  2. 2.
    Produce Collectibles
  3. 3.
    Sell or trade them in the Trove marketplace

Ways to sell or trade Collectibles

  • Portal
    • You can provide your Realm's production in exchange for $MAGIC
  • Marketplace
    • Sell Collectibles in the Trove Marketplace
  • Trading
See what the biggest demand is in the market and produce Collectibles for Builders and Activity Providers to use.

Activity Provider

TL;DR Build Venues for Adventurers to visit and earn higher $MAGIC Rewards.
As an activity provider, you are focused on building Venues for Adventurers. The first will be the Arena. You'll need Collectibles to build Arenas and you'll be able to configure them to appeal to Adventurers.

How to start

  1. 1.
    Build Arenas
  2. 2.
    Customize Arena Gameplay
If you have a MAGIC Refinery, your Renown will increase based on activity performed in your Realm which can lead to higher $MAGIC rewards.