MAGIC Rewards


One of the core principles of Realm is to reward those who are actively engaged and contributing their imagination of what can be built.
One way in which we'll provide real world value to Realmers is through $MAGIC Rewards. Below we will explain how it works.

Requirements to receive $MAGIC Rewards

1. Buy a MAGIC Refinery

When MAGIC Refineries were first minted, Realmers were required to stake $MAGIC. That $MAGIC will remain staked for one year from the time it was staked.
After one year, the owner of the MAGIC Refinery will be able to unstake 90% of the staked amount if they no longer want to participate in $MAGIC Rewards.
You can buy a MAGIC Refinery here.
For example
If you own a Tier 3 MAGIC Refinery at the end of the year, you'll be able to unstake 450 $MAGIC.
Here are the Tiers for MAGIC Refineries with their staked amount:
$MAGIC Stake

2. Stake MAGIC Refinery

Stake the MAGIC Refinery into your Realm. Your Realm will now be eligible for $MAGIC rewards. Rewards are distributed per month based on your Realm's Metrics.


The following metrics will be used as a starting point. As Realm evolves, metrics may change to allow for balance and the health of the ecosystem.


The following Metrics will be used to determine what Rank your Realm is placed in.
Having a diverse set of Metrics will help Realm:
  • Bolster the health of the economy
  • Bring diversity of gameplay to the ecosystem
  • Distribute rewards to a variety of game strategies
Cities provide population for your Realm
Monuments provide Inheritance to your Realm
Activity performed by Adventurers contribute to a Realm's renown
Structures Staked
Structures are staked to become productive
Collectibles Used
Collectibles are produced through Particle Reactors

How Metrics Progress

Every month, a snapshot will be taken. Your Realm will receive $MAGIC Rewards based on your Rank during that snapshot.
Metrics stack month over month so the most active Realms will benefit the most of $MAGIC Rewards.

Reward Distribution


Realmers will compete for rewards within their MAGIC Refinery Tier.
For example:
Let's say you built the Tier 2 MAGIC Refinery. You'll be competing for rewards ONLY with other Realmers that have the same Tier 2 MAGIC Refinery in staked to their Realm.
MAGIC Refinery
$MAGIC Staked
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3


The goal is to promote the health of the ecosystem by providing maximum amount of incentives for Realmers. These percentages will be adjusted for that purpose.
Initially, 85% of Atlas Mine emissions are allocated for rewards. The remaining 15% goes towards operational costs.
There are a total of 5 Ranks list below from most to least rewarding. Depending on your Realm's metrics, you'll be placed in one of these Ranks.
Percentage of Realms in Rank


These APRs are the starting values.
As Realmers and Adventurers continue to participate in the ecosystem, these values increase indefinitely.
Staking $MAGIC guarantees you a base ~25% APR but you also can increase your APR through gameplay up to ~200% APR.
On top of these $MAGIC Rewards, you'll still enjoy all the benefits of being a Realmer:
  • Produce Collectibles you can sell on the Trove Marketplace
  • Own all in-game Structures that produce value and are sellable in the Treasure Marketplace
  • Collect 1/1 Realmverse Art
  • Participate in World Events
  • Be part of future airdrops

Bridgeworld Integration

Atlas Mine

We'll be staking 3 Genesis Legion All-Class along with T1 Treasures in order to maximize rewards for every Realmer through the Atlas Mine.
$MAGIC will be locked for one year to get the max boost.

Claiming Stake Back

Each Realm can have one MAGIC Refinery staked to it. After one year, you'll be able to claim 90% of the refinery's staked amount.
The Atlas Mine enforces a 45 day release period for all $MAGIC locked for one year. See docs for details.
Once you claim your stake, your Realm will NOT be eligible for $MAGIC rewards and will no longer be part of the guild.

Tracking Metrics

Immutable Data

We'll be pioneering a whole new way to distribute rewards. Smart contracts provide a great mechanism for coordinating, in a permissionless and transparent way, actions taken within a system. Transactions are visible and auditable by everyone. That's why every action that contributes to a Realmer's metrics will happen on chain. Once on chain, it's irreversible and immutable.

Open-source Subgraph

Enter Subgraphs. Subgraphs provide a way to store on chain event data for fast retrieval. This means that a Subgraph will store that immutable data in a way that allows us to easily retrieve it.
We'll be creating an open-source Subgraph that will track all metrics related to rewards. That means anyone can audit the code and see exactly how metrics are being calculated based on immutable data from the blockchain.

Choosing winners

We will provide a dashboard that will show you metrics for every Realm based on the subgraph data. That way you can see where you stack up against other Realms.
To avoid front-running, a stealth snapshot will be taken that will determine the winners every month. If you are engaged in the community by building and providing activities for Adventurers then you won't have to worry about qualifying. You will have to keep an eye on how other Realmers are doing though in order to stay within the Ranks mentioned below.
We believe that this will allow us more flexibility in rewards distribution that's transparent and auditable. Once the winners are chosen, we'll be deploying a smart contract where the winners will be able to pull their rewards based on the owner of the Realm.