Harvester MAGIC Rewards


Harvesters provide another mechanism to help Realmers gain $MAGIC and create a feedback loop into the Realm economy.
We'll be staking 3 Genesis Legion All-Class along with T1 Treasures in order to maximize rewards for every Realmer through the Harvesters.
You can read more about Harvesters here:

Three New Tiers

We released 3 new Tiers to allow Realmers to benefit from Harvester emissions through gameplay.

How it works

1. Mint a MAGIC Refinery

These MAGIC Refinery allow you to compete for MAGIC rewards every month from Harvester emissions. There are three new Tiers of MAGIC Refineries.
At the end of the month, you’ll have the option to burn your MAGIC Refinery in exchange for 100% of the $MAGIC that was staked to mint it.
$MAGIC Stake

2. Stake MAGIC Refinery

Stake the MAGIC Refinery into your Realm. Your Realm will now be eligible for $MAGIC rewards. Rewards are distributed per month based on your Realm's Metrics.


Here's an example of The December 2022 Rewards.
Tier 4-6 which are Harvester Refineries and returns will fluctuate month-to-month.
Tier 6
Diamond - 201% APR, 1677 MAGIC
Platinum - 113% APR, 943 MAGIC
Gold - 69% APR, 573 MAGIC
Silver - 44% APR, 369 MAGIC
Bronze - 22% APR, 180 MAGIC
Tier 5
Diamond - 212% APR, 618 MAGIC
Platinum - 119% APR, 348 MAGIC
Gold - 72% APR, 211 MAGIC
Silver - 39% APR, 113 MAGIC
Bronze - 20% APR, 58 MAGIC
Tier 4
Diamond - 265% APR, 221 MAGIC
Platinum - 119% APR, 99 MAGIC
Gold - 78% APR, 65 MAGIC
Silver - 42% APR, 35 MAGIC
Bronze - 22% APR, 18 MAGIC


The following metrics will be used as a starting point. As Realm evolves, metrics may change to allow for balance and the health of the ecosystem.


The following Metrics will be used to determine what Rank your Realm is placed in.
Having a diverse set of Metrics will help Realm:
  • Bolster the health of the economy
  • Bring diversity of gameplay to the ecosystem
  • Distribute rewards to a variety of game strategies
Population Output & Population Boosts
Population output is based on where Cities are built. Population boost added to the Realm
Inheritance Output
Inheritance output is based on where Monuments are built.
Activity performed by Adventurers contribute to a Realm's renown
Collectibles Used
Collectibles used to build Cities and Monuments

Population Output

Population Output is added to the Realm that builds the City NOT where it is staked.
For example
Let's say you own a Realm called Orune. If you build a Town II in Orune, you'll receive 5 Population Output for that Realm.
Your total score might look like this:
Population Output: 5 x 50% = 2.5
Renown: 10 x 10% = 1
Collectibles Used: 10 x 5% = .05
Total score: 3.55

How Metrics Progress

Every month, a snapshot will be taken. Your Realm will receive $MAGIC Rewards based on your Rank during that snapshot.
Metrics reset every month so the most active Realms will receive more $MAGIC Rewards.

Reward Distribution


Realmers will compete for rewards within their MAGIC Refinery Tier.
For example:
Let's say you own a Tier 4 MAGIC Refinery. You'll be competing for rewards ONLY with other Realmers that have the same Tier 4 MAGIC Refinery in staked to their Realm.


The goal is to promote the health of the ecosystem by providing maximum amount of incentives for Realmers. These percentages will be adjusted for that purpose.
If there are a low number of Realms within a Tier, custom percentages will be created.
90% of Atlas Mine emissions are allocated for rewards. The remaining 10% goes towards operational costs.
There are a total of 5 Ranks list below from most to least rewarding. Depending on your Realm's Metrics, you'll be placed in one of these Ranks.
Percentage of Realms in Rank

Claiming Stake Back

There are two ways to get your stake back:
  1. 1.
    Sell the MAGIC Refinery on Trove marketplace at or above the staking amount.
  2. 2.
    At the end of the month, you’ll have the option to burn your MAGIC Refinery in exchange for 100% of the $MAGIC that was staked to mint it.