Realm is a World-Building and Exploration game rooted in GameFi.
You can choose the Realmer and/or Adventurer path depending on your preferred style of gameplay.
Check out our website for a high level overview:

Our Ethos

Realm’s ethos can be summed up in the following three points:
  1. 1.
    Building Community through gaming
  2. 2.
    Creating ownership for those engaged
  3. 3.
    Providing Real World Value
These three points have been a core part of our culture since Realm's inception.

Our Vision

The analogy I always think about is that of an interstate highway system. In the same way an on-ramp leads you to another part of the country, we want the Realmverse to lead you to every metaverse it’s connected to.
After our partnership with Treasure, we saw the potential for a sprawling ecosystem built by many and playable by all.