Our Vision

Building community and providing tangible value to the community has been Realm’s ethos since its inception.
An experience is not built by a team but by a community. Each member plays a key role in establishing the foundation and directing the evolution of that world. Realm is a platform that DECENTRALIZES WORLD-BUILDING and empowers the community to build as far as their imagination can take them. With this world in place, we can build diverse and engaging games inside this world for all to enjoy.


Develop your Realm by building Structures. You’ll be given many types of Structures to help establish and enhance your Realm. All Structures are NFTs that you own.


Realms are proficient in producing Collectibles based on their Geo Features. These Collectibles can be bought, sold, and traded through any marketplace as they are tokens. They are the building blocks needed to build your Realm.

Provide Activities

Your Realm is a destination for Adventurers. You’ll be able to attract Adventurers to your Realm based on what you build.

Integrating with TreasureDAO

It's become clear we want to double down on one specific community.
Treasure provides social coordination through the $MAGIC and incentivizes the creation of value-sharing highways between projects in the Treasureverse.
We want to create these highways to bring more value to every project connected to the Treasureverse.
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