Starter Guide


There are two paths you can take. You can choose the Realmer and/or Adventurer path depending on your preferred style of gameplay.


The Realmer path involves world-building, economic strategy and social coordination. There are two main paths you can take:
  • Compete for top Rank on the leaderboard and earn $MAGIC Rewards
  • Produce Collectibles and Structures to sell to other Realmers

Video Tutorials

We have a YouTube channel with Tutorials that explain what Realm is and how to play.

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For more details go to the Realmer section.

Adventurers of the Void

Adventurers of the Void are the population of the Realmverse. Six Archetypes roam these lands in pursuit of Transcendence.


The pursuit of Transcendence drives the Adventurer into action. Adventurers perform activities in the Realmverse that will yield them:

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For more details go to the Adventurers of the Void section.