It was always a dance, you know. All these realms…
When we arrived, we could see their nature immediately. More than five thousand dynamic worlds, each laying dormant - every single one. You speak of collecting, of farming, of building, and even with clues right in front of your face, you take this wonderful performance so very seriously, with so little wildness and ambition.
The time for expansion is here, and I will flow out into your worlds as a bedrock of strength. I’ve given all my powers to this process, for reasons you cannot see now. Unblemished from your frailties, I lift these sacred domains and consecrate them as unlimited. Through this process, you will come to know transcendence - in all its horrors and glories, its colors and noises, its elements and layers.
I embody this unstoppable process. Let us walk to victory.
You’ve settled here with more ambition than vision.
I can see the grind, the heavy load on your back, the “responsibility” you internalize. How to build? How to grow? So far it’s been just this - blind, bold, brute force. My gentle message is not to abandon this vigor, or become inert for a time. You cannot be still, you can only be stable! To be stable, you must be strong.
Soon there will be more layers of dynamism here, as you welcome hordes of foreign energies and personalities. Such wonders can enhance a brilliant realm, or rupture an unstable one like a wild earthquake. Growth from here requires subtle, imaginative creation… A delicate touch is what I offer. How you welcome me determines just how anti-fragile your world becomes.
Ignore my blessings and you’ll erode. Extort me and you’ll explode.