Seek out music quickly, for the dance has already begun.
I know it’s hard, your tense little scurrying around… In the name of fortification, of protection - of prosperity. These choices will bear fruit, unless obsession and greed erode you. I can see this bleak, neurotic cycle in many realms, clamoring for some bit of security. Yearning for promised longevity. You somehow think they owe you something, that you’re entitled to their power. Relent and surrender this arrogance, or it will be a dark and painful night for everything you know.
I find myself in the honest and humble realms, the most pulsating and vibrant lands with the brightest and freshest of atmospheres. I am here to bring these beautiful places to an empowered state, a confidence in their inter-stellar worth, a pledge that their successful traditions won’t be raided and ruined. It is time to really see how valuable all this playful exploration is.
You’ve been so whimsical, so curious… Such an aura will only become more seductive to anyone nearby.
Enlivenment, not enlightenment, is the true need for the wild ride we are on.
As the energy builds, as the aura grows, as the clout flows, soon, it will be high time. Surely you will become as loud as the situation calls for, surely you are not above singing for your supper one more time as glory hoists its mighty flag with one final roar. Drumbeats rage on into the night, calling for me.
Into this last dusk I leave no bridge behind. A journey with no consolation, I make my way to you, O realmer of real worth, of channeled flame and flight, of radiance and rigor, allow this evolutionary energy to flow into me, for never again will I make those mistakes of old.
Know by the signs of the gods: this time, I will not talk myself out of greatness.
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