Adventurers of the Void


Adventurers of the Void(AoV) are the population of the Realmverse. Six Archetypes roam these lands in pursuit of Transcendence.
Your goal as an Adventurer of the Void is to explore the Realmverse. As you journey through these realms, a story will unfold that only you can discover.


There are 10,472 Adventurers of the Void.


There are 6 Archetypes. Each archetype is placed in 1 of 3 classes: Chaos, Mischief and Tranquility. Classes provide a base from which lore, story and identity will spring from. It will also be a fundamental building block for how your Adventurer interacts with the Realmverse.





The ultimate goal of an Adventurer of the Void is Transcendence.
When you have collected enough ANIMA from your Missions and Battles, you'll be able to use it to Transcend. Each month we'll be releasing new Variants. In exchange for ANIMA, you'll be able to choose a new Variant.
Transcendence in measured in levels. You start out at Level 1 and advance one level at a time. Transcendence can happen indefinitely but it becomes progressively more difficult to reach the next level.

Rest Period

Your AoV must rest for 16 days until they can Transcend again.

Benefits of Transcendence

Choose a new Variant

You'll be able to choose a new Variant from the available pool. Variants are released every month to create uniqueness amongst Adventurers of the Void.

Increased ANIMA collection

Activities(such as Battles), yield more ANIMA when you win based on your level.

Increased PARTICLE Captured

Exploring a Realm yields more PARTICLE based on your level.

The Book of Inheritance

Transcendence is no small feat. It echos throughout Eternity.
Transcendence is chronicled in the Book of Inheritance. Every choice, etched in Eternity. Your past will influence your future.